Voice Process

Globally, most of the organizations have realized the importance of outsourcing voice based customer services rather than setting up their own. Most of the reputed as well as many mid-sized companies have already opted to outsource their voice based processes to third party vendors for affordability, and its likely benefits.

Pathfinder has the knowhow and capability to help clients setup their contact centers for numerous types of voice based business process. Pathfinder remains on top in terms of strong understanding of the processes and efficient management.


Customer Care, Product Support and Resolution Services are the three major areas that Pathfinder is strengthened with. We help both our clients and their customers get the right answer at the right time. Whether the question is, the need for an upsell and cross-sell, solving customer care queries, collections or online chat support; our voice representatives sweep it clean with their high-touch, high-empathy approach that gets real results.

Inbound Call Support

Companies can get faster resolutions to their clients with inbound call support team. It can be a billing help, status check, complaints or more. By following stringent processes efficiently, Pathfinder provides its clients with an in depth view of problems faced by customers, thereby achieving long term loyalty.

Outbound Call Support

Generally, most companies reach out to their prospects through cold calling in an attempt to propagate their product or service. But recruiting dedicated calling experts for their business is an expensive option in developed countries. Pathfinder does the same pattern of job with more efficiency and at a rational cost. Pathfinder’s team with strong command over English and empathically tuned attitude to understand the requirements of the end customer and act accordingly. The team also identifies prospective buyers and follows them up to generate quality leads.


Pathfinder is well-staffed to provide support to global clientele across time zones. We provide support on exclusive customer service, handling all different areas of the processes including support calls, collections, retention calls and chat support.

We provide an end-to-end voice support for your business, from calling the client for the legal documentation, setting up reminder calls to ensure they are intact with their accounts. Any account related enquiries are handled within 24 hours via VOIP or email support.

Our Customer Service Representatives, trained constantly on convincing skills are focused on resolution within the first call for being highly skilled on handling different buckets of collection.

Our Customer Service team is sophisticated, friendly, and focused, trained well to handle customers with a proactive approach. We drive differentiation with product support and problem resolution to enhance service levels and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How will you benefit from Pathfinder?

  • Massive Savings – We have highly affordable long and short-term plans to benefit your company
  • Diversity– We at Pathfinder know how complex it is to save in some little ways, so we take care of all.
  • Switchable plans – You can switch between plans during peak and lean periods, whenever you want allowing you a flexibility depending upon the business flow.
  • Some added features – We also have a wide variety of features like video conferencing, messaging, voice mails, etc. to take your calls to the next level
  • Improved productivity – By investing on our services, improved productivity is assured through unmatched customer service
  • 24/7 Quality Service – Our customer care team is filled with highly skilled professionals, who have great empathy to listen to issues politely and provide with precise solutions.