Web Applications

We at Pathfinder have an extensive knowledge and versatile infrastructure for web-based solutions. Our approach carries on deeper understanding of the clients’ business and their unique requirements, followed by full-fledged development, testing and final launch. Our vast array of affordable web-based solutions ensure all web development needs met under one roof.
Web applications have become a must-have-thing for tech-savvy businesses in today’s world. Almost everything has digitized around us and it is hard for any business to see growth unless a proper web application is used. Web applications are playing a crucial role in branding, conversion and customer support. A good web application maintain robust channel of communication between customer and businesses. It also boosts the organization’s reputation and of course, the projected lead generation.
  • Managing large volume of customer data with intelligent workflow for complex businesses
  • Hands on experience in web apps with complete online map integration, payment gateways, options for subscriptions, etc.
  • Capable of automating offline businesses to subscription based “Do it Yourself” online web apps to multiply clients’ revenue
  • Optimizing web solutions with huge data in the back-end for a seamless and unified function
  • Our cloud based web hosting and maintenance is highly cost effective

Windows Services

We are pioneers in developing “Windows Services” which acts as a core component of Microsoft operating systems. Our custom-created Windows processes are reliable for long running requirements in the background.
The Windows services start running in the background once the system boots, not a regular software that runs only when the user intends, these are automated and do not require any human intervention. These types of services are developed for processes that should be “On” all the time even after the user Logs it off and are controlled by an automatic scheduler.
  • Automatized monitoring, notification, metrics, schedules, mundane processes with less human intervention
  • Multi-threading can be done for much faster work-finish rates through parallel instance at an affordable development cost
SQL Programming

SQL Programming

We are highly skilled in Structured Query Language – a standardized programming language used for managing relational databases and performing various operations on huge data. SQL is regularly used by database administrators as well as by developers in writing data integration scripts accurately. Data analysts can efficiently set up and run complex analytical queries.
  • Less coding needed – It is very easy to manage the database systems without any need to write the substantial amount of code
  • Well defined standards – Long established are used by the SQL databases that is being used by ISO and ANSI
  • Portability – SQL can be used in the program for PCs, servers, laptops, and even on mobile phones
  • Interactive Language – Used for communicating with the databases and receive answers to complex queries just in seconds
  • Multiple data views – Users can make different views of database structure, for different users to visualize and analyze data
SQL is a cost effective, less time consuming Data programming language in the market and these characteristics saves development cost, facilitating quick turnaround time and that delight the customers.
Big Data

Big Data Solutions

Big data is a buzzword of date, this new generation technique typically collects and processes a very large sets of authentic data to arrive at a tangible purpose. Pathfinder is capable of extracting, transforming, storing and maintaining the following data types;
  • Distributed data – from heterogeneous sources
  • Semi-structured data
  • Flat schema data
  • Data with complex relationships
By analyzing large sets of structured and unstructured data, one can predict future trends and act accordingly for non-confusing and sensible decision making.
Big data solutions enable growth of our clients’ in terms of economy. Modern tools efficiently grab new sets of data saving more time, and this enables customers to make quick decisions. Driving trends in any given market can be understood and proper planning brings you way ahead of your competitors.
Data Science

Data Science Programs

“Data” and “Science” – We extract insights from various forms of data using scientific methods, processes and systems. While data is structured and / or unstructured, Pathfinder implements unique methods to extract sensible information using a process more like data mining.
  • Improves the decision making across various levels of businesses
  • Demonstrates predictions of business prospects and risks
Client can benefit from data science when there is a need to interpret large volumes of numbers, possessing lots of operational and customer data, social media streams, credit data, and consumer research or third-party data sets.
Cloud technology

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is almost everywhere and many use it without even realizing its existence. If you are using online services such as mailing, document editing, watching movies, streaming music and storing data, then it is obvious that you are relying on cloud computing. The content is accessed from remote servers rather a local server or a PC. Pathfinder has an in-depth knowledge in cloud computing to cater various needs of clients.
  • Greatly reduces the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems
  • Scalability on storage and resources
  • Collaborate efficiently with IT infrastructure
  • Flexibility of work practices from remote
  • Access to automatic updates
  • Instant disaster recovery will ensure business continuity at adverse conditions
Clients can enjoy risk free and cost effective IT solution with cloud computing. We provide high quality implementation and maintenance services to reduce clients’ burden.
API Programming

Application Programming Interfaces (API)

We have in-depth experience in creating secured API with large sets of functions that provide access to business or technical capability on web-based software application or web tool. A great API makes it easier to create a computer program by providing essential building blocks, which then put together by a developer to bring out useful applications. API consuming applications are typically mobile or web applications through web protocol.
  • Flexible web interface for applications with different technology or platform
  • Light weight
  • Only deals with message which has to be communicated
  • Less configuration needed as compared to other programs
  • Preferable for mobile devices as it is light and supports JSON message format
  • Easy to access by rookie developer
  • Interoperable, Stateless and Scalable interface
API can be developed as a common business interface for Mobile applications, Web applications and in-house standalone applications. API greatly reduces the cost and time taken for programming, and can also be hosted and shared over web for third party programs to interface and benefit.
Technical services

Software Process Defining & Consulting

We at Pathfinder, consult growing software companies to define software development process and standards to meet their business goals in an effective way. This in-turn gives businesses a relief from undefined processes.
Following are the processes and standards Pathfinder following for years
  • Impart Agile process
  • Define data standards
  • Define software workflow
  • Integrate process and tools
  • Define automation of process
  • Define communications
  • Define SLA, NDA
Our customers don’t have to re-invent the software development process, standards and tools. Pathfinder does that hard work in a cost effective manner to reduce risk, organize processes, allowing clients’ to focus on productivity.
Voice Support

Technical Resource Support

Pathfinder provides 24/7 technical support to any business through remote and on-site. Organizations rely on technical support that solves problem instantly within the prescribed timeline. Pathfinder’s technical ability ticks all the right boxes for customer’s delight.
Following are the processes and standards Pathfinder following for years
  • Certified Tech Resources on Microsoft application and DB programming
  • Leaders with the experience from Tier 1 companies who can efficiently handle tech support
  • Resources with multinational exposure on Process and procedure knowledge
  • An effective Remote support team and software help-desk ticket management systems
  • Technical architects to support in design and architecture of software solutions
Our technical team is capable of providing end to end support on software engineering lifecycle. Our customers can get all software engineering support under one roof without any technology hassles, and our customers can retain their focus on business development than spending time on troubleshooting.