Research Services

Research as a Service

Commercial Mortgages Research

It’s a great advantage for lenders to be able to identify, target and engage customers who might be looking for a new mortgage loan in the near future or are currently searching for one.

Pathfinder is a proven data partner for the commercial real estate lenders across the U.S. facilitating their growth to the best. With our expertise, we help them cherry-pick mortgage and mortgage refinance leads that fit their unique requirements.

Our research targets on identifying the commercial mortgages that will be due for renewal in the near future by screening millions of mortgages from various exhaustive data sources.

Our specialized team dedicatedly researches borrowers’ contact details like Address, Phone, Email, enriching the data with their social media profiles viz., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Maintaining the authenticity, additional team calls to verify and validate the contact details. These special efforts make Pathfinder an industry leader in delivering the premium quality data to our clientele.

Sales Research

With millions of data available, our Sales Research team helps you reach your potential clients at the right time either by Phone Number, Email and Social Medial profiles e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • Identifies the recent commercial sales happened across the nation by validating the same with reliable sources, trailed by an intense research in identifying the buyer and seller details by extracting all possible contact information like Phone Number, Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profiles and Website (If Buyer/Seller is an Entity)
  • Authenticated details about the most recent commercial sales nationwide can be used for various marketing purposes and also to approach new buyers for any renovations. Seller contact details can be used by Investing firms and Luxury product manufacturers
  • Identifying the right customer becomes very easy and beneficial, as Pathfinder delivers only the verified contacts, thus saving time, money and effort in reaching potential clients

Why Pathfinder?

Flexible and Customized Model for Lenders
  • Variety of choice for clients to provide the most desirable leads within their areas of interest, for example, Property type, Property location, Mortgage amount range, Current mortgage maturing date range and much more.

Verified Data

Would you like to overcome the frustration of calling numbers that no one answers? Listening to phone calls filled with pricey silence?
  • Our mortgage leads have verified phone numbers and email addresses, making it unique and easy to get to in the market
Social media is becoming a powerful way for businesses to reach prospects
  • Pathfinder, being the market leader in providing social media contacts like LinkedIn & Facebook contact as bonus to the leads
We are different, because we don’t dump leads!
  • Instead, we take the time to ensure that the leads we generate are leads that you can close. All our leads are pre-screened to ensure their current mortgage is due for renewal in the near future and the borrowers are in the hunt of new lenders

Exhaustive Data Sources

All of our leads come from premium Tier 1 sources!
  • We don’t scrape the bottom attempting to feed you leads that you can’t close. Instead, leads we generate come from highly reliable sources with exhaustive amount of data
Gaining access to millions of Mortgage/Sale records
  • We are able to furnish the lending companies with consistent volume of commercial mortgage leads that are potentially open for refinancing
Our contact database
  • Millions of Borrowers/Buyers with contact details that includes phone, email address and social media profiles which you won’t get anywhere else
Expert Research Team
  • Team is led by veteran professionals who are aware of the best practices, when it comes to generating Mortgage/Sale leads
  • Researchers have been extensively trained on obtaining the most recent contact details

Appraisals and Valuations

When Do You Need a Valuation?

You need a property valuation when a definitive value is required, such as in a property settlement, dispute resolution, a deceased estate, asset accounting and management, to obtain finance to purchase, refinancing or to draw down on the equity in your property. Banks generally require a valuation when lending for property purchases, however under some circumstances they may opt for a restricted (drive by) or desktop (computer generated) valuation instead of a full formal valuation.

Pathfinder offers complete suite of Residential and Commercial Appraisal services that uses technology advancements to expedite valuation process and provide “Best in Class” data and analysis to the Lenders, Attorneys, Bankers, Business Owners, Financial Planners, CPA’s & Accountants and Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) throughout the nation.

Valuation is done by experienced and trained professionals to,
  • Assess the current market value of a property
  • Estimate the extent of damage to an insured property and cost of repairs (OR)
  • Determine if total loss occurred