Pathfinder Campus


Pathfinder Business Analysis (PFBA), is a leading IT & ITES Solutions provider and Business Services Consultancy, maneuvered with a fully-equipped and autonomous delivery center, located in the nerve center of Coimbatore city.
Human Resources

Our HR department motivates employees by recognizing and rewarding the best-performer on a monthly basis, granting the decoration such as ‘Pearl of pathfinder’ and ‘Twinkling Star of Pathfinder’. We also organize ‘Blissmania’ – a fun-filled monthly event.


The Administrative and facility management department takes the sole responsibility of administering the overall business, allocating the various facilities available at Pathfinder, to the proper departments, elevating our company above all in the industry.

Finance & Accounts

The finance and accounts department takes care of the entire business transaction proceedings and assists the management in analyzing the pros and cons involved in the business, captivating higher revenue with cost-effectiveness.

Information Technology

It’s the responsibility of the IT department to assemble and maintain the IT infrastructure within the company like servers and other hardware, helping for smooth functioning.

Pathfinder's Top-Notch Facilities

Pathfinder is integrated with state-of-the-art technologies that helps implement strategies to obtain an advanced client satisfaction and our contemporary facilities are,
  • Up-to-the-minute HW, SW and networking infrastructure
  • High-speed communication links, with power back up
  • High-resolution PCs well-equipped with LCD monitors
  • In-house data center with advanced security framework
  • Video-conferencing coupled with VoIP Telephony
  • Dedicated learning and development facility
  • Safety compliance for Equipment, Fire & Water