Marketing Services

Marketing as a Service

Two decades back, the ways marketing was entirely different from what we are see around now. Those times, advertisements were limited to hoardings, posters and other physical stuffs what we call today, offline marketing. Television and Radio were the mass media, only few could afford to post their ads. Likewise, customers also had few choices choosing any product / service, because they couldn’t source the exact fit for their needs in contrast to their affordability.

Technology grew tremendously overtime, every bit of information became digitized including ways of doing business, thereby marketing. Simply put, Digital Marketing is publicizing any product / service through digital medium, predominantly on the internet via multiple devices. Globally, most individuals have access to internet through various forms like computers, mobile phones and other digital devices, the number is still increasing, evolving into IoT (Internet-of-Things). Now, the businesses not only market their products and services online, but also support their customers 24/7, making them feel valued.

How does Pathfinder attain that?

More than 80% customers search online before making a choice of product / service. Billions of queries float on search engines daily and most customers are active users of Social Media. These patterns are responsible to make digital marketing as the predominant way for marketing. Following are the features of digital marketing.

  • Economical – Digital Marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing techniques such as TV, Print Ads and Billboards
  • Focused – Through digital marketing, businesses can focus on target audience interested in their services, follow them, and turn them into prospects
  • Fast Feedback – An essential component of a successful marketing strategy, feedback provides marketers and business owners with insights to improve their products / services, thereby overall customer experience
  • Mutually Beneficial – Being economical, it greatly facilitates the customer as well as the service provider, hence building a long-term trustworthy relationship
  • Goes with All Business Sizes – Referring to affordability, digital marketing goes easy with small, medium and large businesses equally to reach and secure their target audience
What’s the Value Addition with Pathfinder?

Our Digital Marketing services include website creation, optimizing it with SEO & SMO techniques thereby adding value to any business, which efficiently bring fruitful results;

  • Brings Trust – Small businesses struggle to compete with the big and dominant competitors. A good website along with blogs, testimonials and other sections builds trust among the visitors
  • Draws Local Audiences – With SEO, businesses focus on attracting local customers who are looking for particular product / service, through relevant keywords
  • Customization – Instead of simply making a website with standard set of features and ideas, Pathfinder customizes the digital marketing plans that exactly matches the needs adding more value to your business
What’s Pathfinder’s Digital Marketing Capability?
  • Content Marketing (Text &Visual)
  • Web Design (Optimized Responsive Websites)
  • Web Application Development
  • Visual Effects (Graphic Design & Video Editing)
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing
  • EMM – Email Marketing
  • Web PR & Branding
On Demand
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • PPC – Pay Per Click
  • E-Commerce
What’s Pathfinder’s Core Competency?

We are a rapidly growing digital entity established to serve best-in-class digital marketing capabilities and optimize online investments on the journey toward marketing transformation. At this standpoint, Pathfinder’s services cover all aspects of marketing including Digital Consulting, E-Commerce, Marketing Analytics, and Media Management. As a matter of fact, our existing practices and assets in closer interaction with the marketing & technology functions, enable identify, understand, and engage with prospects, customers across an expanding array of interactive digital touch points.

What’s the Say working with Pathfinder?

Our culture runs deeps, with a focus on practical, value-oriented/client-centered execution. Cross-functional team collaboration, leveraging skills across business offerings and industries, is highly valued and encouraged. Open discussion and debate is encouraged in order to create value. The ability for our client to drive value is directly related to the innovative and collaborative spirit within the team.

Our Digital Marketing team is loaded with talented people, who believe in teamwork and brainstorming with unique ideation as their strength. The team has skilled and dedicated Content Developers, UI / UX Designers, SEO Experts, Email Marketers and Graphic designers; equipped with the latest HW & SW. We believe in precise service delivery that delights customers.

So, What’s the Big Picture?

Pathfinder offers tailored Digital Marketing services as we assemble our marketing components on demand, delivering new marketing experiences quickly and effectively.

Pathfinder’s digital marketing services in the strategic context, provides you with the necessary momentum to outperform competitors as we deploy state-of-the-art skills with cutting-edge yet scalable techniques.