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Three-Pronged Approach

Pathfinder is a great place for the recruits, outfitting them with heaps of opportunities and improving their career aspects by inducing them to learn a lot. The Employee Training and Development programs at Pathfinder equip the employees with skills and competencies required to enhance performance of the organization as well. At Pathfinder, we offer a variety of training opportunities for our employees for the career growth and development.

Pathfinder employees are exposed to three aspects of training that are designed to ensure all-round development of an individual’s skills and potential, comprising the following three:

Process Training

The process training focuses on providing training to employees on the various business processes they will be working with on a day to day basis. Training is typically imparted by process stakeholders via classroom training or teleconferencing.

Behavioral Training

The behavioral training highly focuses on the “non-technical” aspects of the employees work requirements, like soft skills and language skills. Training is typically imparted through classroom training.

Product Training

The product training centers mainly on providing training to the employees on the various tools and applications available and to be employed by them. Training is given by developers and stakeholders via classroom training or teleconferencing.

Training Benefits

Based on the above training sessions offered by Pathfinder to its resources, the employee benefits embrace

Better morale and high job satisfaction

Enhanced technical capabilities

Increased motivational aspects

Increase in innovativeness

Improved process efficiency

Risk management techniques

Rewards and Recognition

At Pathfinder, the best talents are constantly recognized and rewarded with awards as ‘Exemplary Performers’ and ‘Super Performers’ each month. The fellow employees can nominate the deserving candidates for these awards.

Program Purpose

To facilitate a culture of appreciation and encouragement. To encourage and create a high-performance work culture. To motivate employees by recognizing their work on a regular basis. To convey management’s feeling of pride and pleasure for their contribution, thereby strengthening employee alignment with the company.


Pathfinder’s success is very closely aligned to the growth of each team member. The immense opportunities provided by the company for individual learning and new experiences paves way for creative and innovative workplace.

Safe, Healthy and Happy Workplace

Pathfinder forever ensures for a safe, healthy and a happy workplace making sure that our employees feel at-home. Cab facilities are provided for employees considering employee safety and evading their exhaustion.

Fair Evaluation System for Employees

With an evaluation system, we clearly map individual’s performance to corporate business goals and priorities, rewarding the employees for their achievement as well.


Our recent FUN Events and Activities to encourage employee get-together and active participation.

  • Drawing & Painting Competition
  • Story, Article & Poem Writing Competition
  • Paper Art & Craft Event
  • World Peace Day Celebration
  • Employee Signature Campaign
  • Happy Hours – Luncheon
  • Logo Design – Anniversary Event