Legal Services

Legal as a Service

With more and more corporate organizations concerned with rising legal expenses, they must spend more time with legal issues rather than focusing on productivity. This is where Legal Process Outsourcing significantly enhances client’s productivity by rationalizing their core processes in a cost-effective manner.

The LPO at Pathfinder thrives upon the rich experience & expertise of its highly qualified Indian professionals, who are committed in providing outsourced Legal work with compelling quality, robust processes & uncompromised data security.

Most western firms are forced to outsource their legal work because of higher costs. Our Offshore Legal support services provide the highest quality of output, bringing collective experience to bear on the issues that apprehends our clients. With Pathfinder, all these are done just with rational cost the organizations pay to their local service providers.

Why Pathfinder?

  • Services in par with highest quality
  • A tangible team of excellent lawyers and skilled researchers
  • Cost effective & Assured timely delivery

Services Offered

With the U.S. Judiciary seeking comprehensive set of documents during legal trials & proceedings, Corporates that hold a large volume of data in the form of emails, documents, contracts, etc. need to be reviewed during litigation.

Pathfinder’s litigation support services are provided by competent, extensively trained and affordable English speaking Indian attorneys who work closely with your associates – U.S. licensed attorneys.

We manage complex litigation document preparation & reviews requiring strict compliance under U.S. laws within postulated timelines. A quality check by our Indian attorneys, followed by a review by experienced U.S. attorneys ensures reliable litigation support services.

Our high-end IT support team, working 24/7 to ensure data security and confidentiality for all our clients and proprietary software systems.

Range of Services
  • Descriptive document preparation
  • Exhaustive document review
  • Post review trial preparation
  • Deposition summaries
  • Conducting extensive research
  • Redactions
  • Objective coding

Pathfinder’s Integrated Contract Management solutions are designed & led by executives with domain expertise in the contract management function.

Companies find it hard to keep track of their contracts that may include critical obligations and renewals. Contracts sitting as unstructured pieces of information impairs contract visibility that might put companies at the risk of reduced revenue and added cost.

Some elaborated features offered by Pathfinder

Drafting the First Version

  • Involves client briefing & understanding the purpose of the contract
  • First Draft is prepared by Indian attorneys & passed on to the attorneys in US for review before delivering it

Contract creation and Negotiation

  • Draft, red-line & negotiate simple, high volume agreements
  • Create & retain standard template agreements

Contract execution

  • Prepare & distribute all necessary documentation for in-house approval to ensure contract execution.

Post contract management

  • Abstract & upload contracts into contract repositories with supporting documentation.
  • Contract repository management – create files, alerts, renewals & report generation.
  • Document, track & report contractual obligations.

Pathfinder offers contract lifecycle management systems & consulting services, as well as paralegal & attorney support to provide database maintenance, contract review & redlining, template creation and revision, negotiation and data migration services.

Thus, Pathfinder allows you saving Cost & Time with optimum utilization of resources.

Pathfinder performs thousands of asset investigations every year. From tracing a Defaulter’s Assets & Liabilities to verifying the Debtor’s financial stability & status in a litigation, helping to derive the Debtor’s worth and / or the Assets owned and / or possessed by the Debtor.

How does Asset Research help you?

  • Determine the liquidity and worth of your Debtor (Pre or post litigation)
  • Ascertain if a fraudulent conveyance exists in a legal matter
  • Locate & recover the proceeds of an embezzled operation

Over the years, Pathfinder has pioneered to be a Leader in Researching & pursuing assets which were fraudulently conveyed, hidden and at times “misappropriated” by individuals & corporates. We understand that each client has unique necessity which needs to be catered smartly keeping in mind the pecuniary constraints of the client without compromising on quality. We vouch our expertise and the requisite experience in tailoring the solutions to meet specific client requirement(s).

Guaranteed Benefits

  • Optimizing High-cost Resources
  • Capitalizing Time Zone Differences
  • Excellent Legal Services
  • Cost Efficient & Affordable