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Data – The most crucial terminology running everywhere around, and the impact it can make in any business is very well understood by our Operations team.

Entering a piece of information from a hard copy into the CRM may look easy. However, it becomes an extra concern when there are bundles of paper around, which needs to be captured in a timely manner eliminating errors. That’s a lot right!! Pathfinder makes your job uncomplicated by providing precise data entry services swiftly.

Pathfinder’s wide range of data operations and core functionalities:

Data Processing

Pathfinder aims in reducing the complexity of data processing by handling a huge volume of paperwork rapidly, where data enters our common storage system/application in less than a day. A daily deliverance is assured with accuracy of data held right. Bulk documentations arriving to us are entered into our systems and converted into meaningful information for your business.

The data processing not only includes typing, but also images and other formatted files. Our skilled workforce runs various data capturing processes to fine tune the output in a desired format. Data in the form of images are converted into simplest formats and are made available in the right area of the system.


Indexing and archiving services involve receiving unsorted and scattered data from clients, followed by sorting and organizing them into an indexed database. Beyond which, the process for searching, accessing and retrieving the required information becomes much easier – enhancing the productivity of your organization.

Digitizing documents is a simple way of creating, accessing and retrieving the data, which also eradicates the space requirement for storing physical documents. Pathfinder thrives to deliver effective indexing and archiving services to assist clients’ by organizing documents digitally, ensuring simple archiving, smooth access and sturdy retention of data.

Quality Control

Pathfinder considers Quality Assurance & Control a mandatory process on the output provided. The quality metrics are driven by procedures planned basis on each project individually. The data thus entered into the system is cross-verified to maintain authenticity, and the final work is uploaded in a presentable fashion to the clients. Our team is well set with highly qualified and mission-oriented audit experts to make wonders on data, with a constant supervision and monitoring.

Data Conversion

Armed with exceedingly skilled data experts, Pathfinder is capable of executing data conversion from numerous technical platforms, database and tools to a desired format; which is error free and no loss of data. All these are delivered within the tight timeline.

  • PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • PDF to JPG
  • Print to PDF
  • ePub to PDF
  • Docx / Doc to PDF
  • HTML to PDF
  • Scan to PDF
  • PDF to Text, OCR
  • Image To Text
  • XML Conversion – CSV, Excel, XSD, HTML, PDF
  • HTML Conversion – PDF, PSD, Word
  • Excel Conversion – PDF, XML

With years of expertise, Pathfinder offers online data conversion services in which data is migrated from one format to another within a short span of time. All undesirable data are removed, making it easy to manage and access data. Our data conversion services are swift while keeping stringent data security, making sure your data is not vulnerable for manipulation.

Why us?

Well, with a lot of similar players running around, Pathfinder stands exceptionally apart from the crowd.

How are we different?

With specialists and proven technology platforms, coupled with standardized business processes and procedures keeps the group activated all the time and allows us to stay focused on the core activities.

  • Assurance to get a profitable deal
  • Trusted team with highly qualified and experienced professionals
  • Flexi work timing and round the clock to match international business nature
  • 360 deg Data processing Operations
  • Uncompromised accuracy
  • Transparency with clients
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and data security
  • Multiple streams of project deliverance across industries
  • Executed 1000+ high volume projects
  • Trial executions before piloting a batch/project
Advantages of hiring Pathfinder
  • Highly focused on core functions and operations
  • At par with the latest technology within the market
  • Assured Cost reduction via customizable and scalable services
  • Complete ownership on the project, timely delivery and great accuracy on output
  • One Stop Shop to fulfil any and all kinds of data entry and voice operations